Welcome to Sole Travels!

This blog was originally intended to document my traveling endeavors post college graduation for friends and family but this platform eventually grew into something past that adventure. This is a safe space where I can share my never-ending traveling trips, the words that play hide and seek in my mind, music that cuddles my sweet ears, and the sights that surprise and comfort my tender eyes everyday.

Traveling adventures include road tripping across 25 states with college friends to frolicking along busy New York streets to wandering the liberating nightlife in Amsterdam to dancing through the classy cosmopolitan streets of London to soaking up the rich history (and lots of wine!) in Italy to absorbing the vibrant culture and beaches of Spain to anywhere else my sole(s) takes me.

I fall in love with traveling to unknown spaces, bodily movement, cultivation, strings of written language, musical notes that dance together, and capturing sweet and simple moments everyday with many types of lenses. This blog is glanced at by friends and family as well as some strangers I may never meet and for that I am grateful. I can only hope that you can take every word, image, and idea with kindness and an open mind.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

– Vanessa Jenelle


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I will enjoy reading about your tavels as you go! Take care and Keep safe!!!!

    1. soletravels says:

      Thank you Nicole! 🙂

  2. Beth Kabat says:

    Off you go, Vanessa, into the wild blue yonder. I’m looking forward to tuning in to your adventures!

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