6 Months. 24 States. 12 Countries. 3 Continents. 1 Backpack.

6 Months. 24 States. 12 Countries. 3 Continents. 1 Backpack. It truly has been one hell of an adventure…

My first long traveling adventure trip has been utterly amazing and a choice I’m so happy I did right out of college. The growth, knowledge, and experience I can know put in my pocket has certainly changed me and my outlook on the world. I fell in love with breathtaking sights, vibrant cultures,  various types of foods (and the wine!), learning many languages and meeting all of the beautiful people I met along the way.


Cheers to the long hours driving across country to get to our lovely beach house in North Carolina, the simple yet sweet stop at home in San Francisco, the busy and vibrant streets of New York and Boston, the many beers in Germany, the smokey streets of Amsterdam, drinking wine on the pebble filled beaches in southern France, the beautiful mountain top views in Switzerland, the one of a kind company and silly stories of camping in Cinque Terra, searching for George Clooney in Lake Como, soaking in Rome’s history and trying to not get poop on our shoes (#Napoli 4ever) in Italy, the crazy pub crawl nights that lasted till dawn in Spain, lounging on the beach in Portugal, the crisp and cool nights full of conversation, warm cider and tea with great friends in London and the relaxed and cultural life of Morocco.

This experience definitely wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for all those people I met and traveled with as well as everyone back home who helped me to go on this trek in the first place. I give the biggest thank you to every one of them!

Now back home to California


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