Fixed – George Maple


“What’s to say, I’m in your main
…under, try to stay afloat
You try to leave, I find myself
So naive, don’t go, even on the low”

The warmth of Maples voice on this track gives me this feeling of being wrapped warmly in a lovers arm and covered in silk blankets to swaying my laser lit hips like no one is watching in a dark lit underground club. It’s a captivating feeling.

“Snow falls, hate remains
Caution, ran door
I hide, inside my life, make
You will call, my name
Penny drops and I’m spent
You’re here, in that…
Just trying to stay on road”

This was the first track I heard from the  Australia-born, London-based vocalist George Maple. Her music style rubs between dance music and straightforward pop and soul. Some like to call it electrosoul.

“Oh I fix my gaze on you
Oh tell me what am I to do
You won’t fix your gaze on me too”

The texture of her voice is so comforting and the lyrics are full of experience, vunerability and emotion. It maintains a balance between raw and hype. It has some reviewers calling this feel good track and style “good make out music.” I couldn’t agree more!

Enjoy getting lost in this tender touch of a track.

Also check this marvelous woman out in Facebook and Soundcloud!


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